Policies and agreements

All users of this site will have agreed to the General Terms and Conditions. This page (Personal Data Handling) documents our policies in more details.

In addition, there may be other policies to which you have agreed. The list of these policies may be found at Profile | Policies and agreements.

What personal data is collected?

All of the information you provided when you registered for a course and any other information you provided in your profile is collected.

All of your exercises, quiz answers and final exam answers are collected.

Do we record sensitive personal data?

No. However, it may happen that you yourself provide such information within the forum. We discourage you from doing so.

Do we record any personal data from any other sources?


What do we do with your personal data?

Your personal data is used only for communications with you. It may also be aggregated and made anonymous. This aggregated data may be used for improving our training and for marketing purposes.

How can you get a copy of whatever personal data is recorded?

You may view the data recorded by viewing your profile. To view or to change your profile:

  1. Click on your avatar in the upper right corner of the screen and open the drop-down list
  2. Select "Profile", then "Edit profile"

For additional information about viewing your personal data, please send a message at Profile | Contact Data Protection Officer.

You may view the status of any requests to the Data Protection Officer at Profile | Data requests.

How can you be forgotten?

To have your personal data deleted from the system, please make a request at Profile | Contact Data Protection Officer

You may view the status of any requests to the Data Protection Officer at Profile | Data requests.

Please be advised that once deleted, there will be no way to recover the personal data. If you have completed the course and wish to obtain a copy of a certificate, you must do so before requesting deletion. After deletion, it will no longer be possible. Furthermore, it may happen that third parties request confirmation that your certificate is valid. If we receive such requests, we will first obtain your permission before communicating any information to the third party. If we do not obtain your permission, then we will inform the third party accordingly. However, if you request deletion of your personal data, then we cannot provide an answer to requests about your certificate, whether you give permission or not. We would have no way of contacting you.

How do we correct errors in personal data that we store?

Any personal data that you have entered yourself in your profile, you may modify yourself at any time. Information you provide in your exercises, quizzes and exams can be modified by yourself until you submit them. After that, no changes are possible.

In exceptional cases, please send an email to training-support@3cs.ch with your request.

With which third parties do we share your personal information?

Your personal data may be visible to the following third parties:

Please refer to their respective sites for additional information on how they handle personal data.

We do not share any personal data with any other third parties.

If, however, at some time in the future we plan to share your data in this way, it will only be following your explicit permission to do so.

What personal data do we not store?

In addition to sensitive personal data, we do not store any financial information, such as credit card numbers. We neither seek nor collect nor store any government identification numbers. We make no attempt to identify site visitors based on such data as the browser or client used to connect with our web sites. Thus, while the IP addresses of connections to our web sites are logged, we make no attempt to correlate those addresses with any persons. They remain anonymous.

How do we ensure the security of your information?

Access to your personal information is limited to yourself and our personnel. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your connection credentials.

In technical terms, administrative access to our site is controlled by two factor authentication. All communications to our web site and our third party services are made using https. Access to our site is controlled using state of the art web server security modules. Data is backed up regularly and stored using the same controls as the production data.

Last modified: Sunday, May 20, 2018, 9:35 AM